‘Salem’s Lot – Stephen King At His Best

'Salem's Lot‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was inspired to post this on my blog because I was on Goodreads and a window popped up after I submitted my review, and I thought “what the heck”…

I’m not a big Stephen King fan…

As a matter of fact, I think I’ve read six or seven of his books – that’s it.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that his early works are generally page-turners, and his later stuff just doesn’t stand up.  I know, some people feel that King has always been too wordy, but I’ve found that the few early works I’ve read (‘Salem’s Lot, The Stand, The Shining, and Pet Sematary) kept my interest…


I wanted to keep turning the pages.  I wanted to find out what happened next.  I wanted to know what would happen to the characters.  I cared about those characters.  And I stayed up late finishing the books.  And in the case of ‘Salem’s Lot, I wanted to read it again (I will find the time to reread Pet Sematary, too).  That’s the sign of a good book.  King doesn’t write in an intellectual style, his works aren’t great literature, but they entertain (at least the early works).  And what’s wrong with that?

‘Salem’s Lot inspired me…

It was the inspiration for my book Nephilim Genesis of Evil.  I had just started rereading ‘Salem’s Lot and I had a dream.  The dream and Nephilim have little in common with ‘Salem’s Lot, but somehow King’s book struck a chord in my subconscious, a chord that I followed, a chord that turned into a full novel.  And I wanted to write a book that had readers wanting more, that kept them turning pages.  I hoped readers would fall in love with the characters and care about what happens to them.

Based on the feedback I’ve received for Nephilim, it has done just that.  To hear that people love what you write is flattering on so many levels.  And I hope this post is flattering to Stephen King, not that he’ll ever read it.

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2 Responses to ‘Salem’s Lot – Stephen King At His Best

  1. Renee,
    Nice blog post. My first Stephen King book was The Stand. I loved it so much I read everything he wrote for many years and then one day it hit me, The Stand was his best and nothing has been close since.
    Have a wonderful day, every one of them.

  2. Renee Pawlish says:

    Yeah, I agree. I think it’s a hard thing for any author to stay fresh after so many books.

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