The Sallie House

Paranormal investigative teams are popping up all over the United States, but due to the dangers involved, few investigators explore cases with “dark” hauntings. However, one team of investigators went where few others dared. Because of that, RIDDIA (Rhode Island Demonic Disturbance Investigative Association) garnered a reputation as the “Navy Seals” of the paranormal investigative world, a team willing to pursue dark and demonic hauntings. And when the RIDDIA team visited the notorious Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas, they were the first to assume that the entities infesting the house were demonic and the first to challenge the authority of those spirits. For three days, Joe Cetrone and his team investigated the Sallie House, encountering the demonic in ways that affected them long after leaving.

Now, for the first time, Joe tells his story about his harrowing experiences in the Sallie House and offers some warnings about dabbling without experience in the spirit world.

You can purchase The Sallie House at Amazon.

Or signed copies are still available.  Visit for more information.


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